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Omg imagine if it was pouring with rain and just ugh so cosy and umf

Imagine waking up in the middle of a snowstorm. It’d be like a reverse snowglobe.



imagine waking up to a bear trying to rip into your home.

This bed is not for fucking in.

this bed is definitely for fucking in.

reblogging because of reverse snowglobe i can’t even

Reminds me of sandy’s house in Spongebob….

^^^^^^right?!? This comment. God, I would love me one of these…

it’s a hamster cage xD


this photograph intrigues me so much! why isn’t this the most famous photo from 9/11 instead of the falling man? isn’t 2 people holding hands after jumping more significant than 1 man? it makes me wonder what the story is behind this photo, were they friends or lovers? or just strangers who were too scared to jump alone? it shows that people need a helping hand even in their final moments, i love it.

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